Monday, January 20, 2014

Cover for Standing in the Whale's Jaw

I love this cover. I took an image of a woman lifting her veil and created a sepia tone over her face and part of the gown, since the book is set in 1935. The cover suggests timelessness, heritage, femininity, and yet, also secrecy, mystery, and danger.

Here is the book description: "Fifteen-year-old Elsa Byrd is on the verge of becoming a woman in the summer of 1935. In a world run by men, it seems more of a curse than a blessing. Elsa's father enters the TB sanitarium and she's forced to live on her grandparents' farm. She stumbles upon a stranger hiding in the barn and decides not to tell a soul. When a dead girl is discovered floating in a dory, it shifts from the kind of secret Elsa wants to hug close, to the kind she doesn't dare let out. Her mentor, Lavinia Twigg, joins the police investigation and Elsa is left teetering between risk and danger, silence and disclosure, trust and fear."