Monday, December 2, 2013

Stepping down as Palimpsest's publisher

Palimpsest Press is pleased to announce the appointment of Aimée Parent Dunn to the position of publisher at Palimpsest Press Incorporated. Aimée has been an integral part of Palimpsest for the past year and a half, working in various capacities—including editor, publicist, event coordinator, and publishing assistant. She holds a degree in English Language and Literature from the University of Windsor and is currently acquiring a graduate Certificate in Publishing from Ryerson University. Aimée brings with her an extensive history in editing experience. She is excited to assume her new position and to continue to build on the success that Palimpsest Press has achieved in the literary community. Dawn Kresan will continue to play a vital role in her position as in-house graphic designer and poetry editor. She will assist Aimée as a publishing consultant for the next year. Palimpsest Press will continue to be a regional press located in the Windsor /Essex County district, and will continue its mandate to produce quality poetry in both trade and limited editions and select nonfiction titles that deal with poetics, the writing life, and cultural criticism. Jim Johnstone and Carmine Starnino will remain in their positions as freelance editors for Palimpsest. Sales representation will continue to be provided by the Manda Group of Canada with distribution services through LitDistCo. All 2014-2015 contracts will be honoured. The change over will be effective as of January 2014.

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