Sunday, September 22, 2013

Readings in BC

Tuesday September 24th @7pm
Wordstorm Reading Series
Features are Caroline Adderson, Dawn Kresan and Pearl Luke
Demeter's Coffee Vault. 499 Wallace St. Nanaimo, BC.

Thursday September 26th @ 7pm
Pandora's Collective and Word Vancouver Presents
Features: Celeste Snowber, Carl Leggo, Dawn Kresan
The Cottage Bistro. 4468 Main Street Vancouver, BC.
Hosts Bonnie Nish and Amanda Wardrop

Friday September 27th @7:30
Planet Earth Poetry Reading Series
Features, Dawn Marie Kresan and Klipschutz
The Moka House, #103-1633 Hillside Avenue, Victoria, B.C.


Friday, September 6, 2013

Sanatorium Songs Book Launch

Iterative, inventive, and frenetic, the poems in Marc di Saverio's Sanatorium Songs bridge the rift between what's seen and what's experienced by the mentally ill. It's with altruism and joy that di Saverio's work transforms the rules of civic engagement while he probes manifold states of consciousness. At times harrowing, but always human, Sanatorium Songs is a fully realized poetic debut.
Thursday Sept 19th, 2013 @7pm.
Book launch for Sanatorium Songs
Epic Books. 226 Locke Street South
Hamilton, ON.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Sharon McCartney's "Deadlift"


Lift that dead weight, my sister’s suffering,
the abominable pain of a teenager’s cancer,
how she longed to die, lobbing obsolete toys
at the obsidian-flowered bedroom walls, her
knobby fists on the chic white shag, and me,
ten years her junior, five or six, witnessing
the recurrent melees, squad cars in the driveway,
sedative syringes, a night ambulance strobing
the red windows. Our stone-faced mother
so calm under her beehive. An obligatory facade.
Lift my father sobbing beside the green Chevy,
not so much raising the plates as pushing the
floor away, slowly, patiently, shoulders slung
back, chest up. The pity, my mother’s burden,
a grief so poisonous it had to remain hidden.
How hard it is even now to forgive my sister.
Once called the “health lift,” hitting the glutes,
hamstrings, quads and core. Lock out tight
and straight at the top, loopy-eyed, vertiginous,
every cell in your body about to pop and
then drop the bar, a cold cadaver clattering.

From Hard Ass (Palimpsest Press 2013)
Sharon McCartney
ISBN: 978-1-926794-13-6