Saturday, October 31, 2009

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Book Launch for Peeps and Ports

In Aislinn Hunter’s A Peepshow with Views of the Interior: Paratexts, Hunter offers a guided tour through the gap between our everyday perception of things and the wonder of things themselves. This book is a call to see the world more attentively — a reminder of the importance of both the real, common, everyday thing and its power to shape and transform not only our lives and imaginations, but also our understanding.

Miranda Pearson’s latest collection of poetry, Harbour, looks at ways humans are driven to construct territory in whatever space is available, however borrowed or makeshift. Moving from
hospitals to museums, the poems explore the tensions between antiquity and modernity, and how we collect and display artifacts. The poems illuminate the human drive to nest, gathering together ideas on how we seek refuge, a sanctuary, a keep. How we harbour.

Chivana Restaurant Lounge
2340 West 4th Avenue
Vancouver, B.C.
32 Books will be selling.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Eanie Meanie Hate Zucchini Book Launch

Kids love Eanie Meanie but hate zucchini. A book launch will be held October 17th at 2 pm at the LaSalle Public Library (5940 Malden Road, LaSalle, ON.). Books will be available for purchase and signing by the author Arnot McCallum.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Pain-proof Men Book Launch

The title is a literal translation of the Arabic word fakir, which refers to both a Sufi holy man who performs feats of endurance or magic, and a common street beggar who chants the scriptures. In the world of carnivals, a fakir or torture king would go to great lengths to demonstrate his immunity to pain — by, for example, lying on a bed of spikes and then asking an audience member to break a concrete block on his chest with a sledgehammer. The voice that emerges in Pain-proof Men is that of a derelict who sings the names of God during the day, and moonlights at a circus as a human pincushion at night. The various personas in these poems (all manner of tricksters — from scarecrows, clowns, sailors, John Wayne, Clark Gable, to the confessional poet himself) are men in pain. All, however mythic and powerful, have failed at love and work and life, and feel an overwhelming ache. This human hurt, that connects us all, links the many voices in this multifarious, ludic book.

Thursday October 15th, 2009
8 - 10 pm
2539 Agricola St.
Halifax, NS.