Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Paper Tigers Blog

Sally Ito gave a nod to Rascally Rhymes in her review on the Paper Tigers blog. I thought this was a cute story:

"After we finished reading this book, my daughter and I went through all the names and tried to see if we knew anyone with the same name. That was fun! Palimpsest Press, who publishes this book, is now offering a contest on their blog for children to makes rhymes. Reading this book definitely had an effect on my daughter. While sorting laundry together the other night, she held up a sock and said “Mom, this sock doesn’t have a rhyme!”"

Read the whole review plus reader comments here:

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Friday, November 21, 2008

Victorian Architecture

I brought my camera while walking today so I could take some shots of the lovely Victorian architecture we have in Kingsville. Being in an old neighbourhood, there are many Queen Anne style homes close by. Passing these massive buildings I can’t help but think of Jane Austen and her use of interior space — drawing rooms, towers, closets, secret tunnels and chambers, domestic spaces configured in ways that reveal character interiority.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Cook Up a Rhyme Contest

Are you a rascally little kid who loves reading and rhymes? Do you love making up silly poems and songs about anything and everything? Think you can cook up your own clever rhymes?

If that's you, then come take part in Cook Up a Rhyme! This is a very special contest that is open to wonderful, creative, and imaginative children!


Simply make up a rhyme or a poem about a person that you think is curious, funny, or just plain strange! Use the person's name in that poem.

Here is an example for you to follow. It comes from the book The Naming Book of Rascally Rhymes

X is for Xavier
Xavier is known
for odd behaviour,
brussel sprouts are
his favourite flavour.

He runs with shoes
on his head,
will only sleep
under his bed.

Despite his quirks,
he causes no harm,
everyone loves
his peculiar charm.

If you live in Canada, you can find the book here.
If you live in the United States, you can find the book here.


That was quick! Send us your poem by email here:
info (at) palimpsestpress.ca

In the subject line of the email, say: "Cook Up a Rhyme."

Make sure you include your full name and email address or mailing address with your entry. That way, we can write back to let you know if you won!

If you want to send it by postal mail, send it here:
Palimpsest Press
Att: Cook Up a Rhyme Contest
96 Stewart St.
Kingsville, ON.
N9Y 1X4

Send us your poem before December 25, 2008. We will choose all our winners and send them a very special New Year's gift!


This is the best part!
  • ONE very, very, special winner will get a poem written about them by Jordan D. Troutt -- the author of The Naming Book of Rascally Rhymes.
  • TEN other finalists will get their very own personally autographed copy of The Naming Book of Rascally Rhymes from Mr. Troutt!
  • The winning entry and the 10 finalists will have their poems posted on this blog for everyone to read!

Yes, you are absolutely right. There are rules, but luckily, not too many!
  • This contest is only for young people. By young people, we mean anyone who is over the age of 5 and under the age of 10.
  • Anyone who is over the age of 10 (like your parents) cannot take part in this contest. But they can check your spellings!
  • Make sure that one of your parents has visited this site and that you have their permission to join the contest.
  • And finally, most importantly: this contest is only open to rascals!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Who are the rascals?

Essex County native Jordan D. Troutt has published his first book of children's poetry. The Naming Book of Rascally Rhymes is an alphabetically ordered list of names with whimsical descriptions of each child. Each poem is clever — sometimes satiric, sometimes sweet — and always a delight to read. Influenced by Shel Silverstein, Troutt’s characterizations of children are humorous and irreverent. Troutt’s rascals are eccentric, silly, mischievous, tough, moody, but also sweet, talented, funny and imaginative. Here is the list of rascals:

A is for Abigail
B is for Billy
C is for Caleb
D is for Dylan
E is for Ethan
F is for Frieda
G is for Gillian
H is for Hunter
I is for Ian
J is for Justin
K is for Kalvin
L is for Lisa
M is for Meghan
N is for Ned
O is for Olive
P is for Patricia
Q is for Quinn
R is for Rita
S is for Sara
T is for Theodore
U is for Ursula
V is for Veronica
W is for Winona
X is for Xavier
Y is for Yolanda
Z is for Zach