Monday, September 22, 2014

Scattered Ecstasies at the Sho Gallery

What a thrill it was to see the art and listen to the performers at the Sho Gallery. There was a range of work—emotional, thoughtful, political, satiric—and the actors were inspired! I really enjoyed the inclusion of musicians, who created an original score just for the event. It was a unique collaboration between poets, visual artists, actors, and musicians. So much fun! Thank you Barry Brodie for organizing such a wonderful event. The Sho Gallery was a great venue and the community turn out was terrific.

My poem "Tarot Cards" from my collection Muse was chosen by Lupita Amaya to paint, and was  performed by Bob Steele.

Tarot Reading

I stare at the cards: pointed arrows piercing flesh,
a woman hung upside down in a noose, knot drawn tight.
There is talk of a family curse passed down from my mother. 

I have inherited a tragic fate, must walk a dark wooded terrain.
But not all is lost. I can be saved for fifty dollars more.
Her gypsy face obscured by a beaded curtain,

shining crystal balls dangling like so many planets.  
Still dressed in a robe, although two in the afternoon, she asks
if I mind that she smokes. I do, but say nothing.

Jesus presides over the reading, his arms outstretched. 
She pats the head of her ceramic god like a good luck charm,
reaches for me from behind cascading beads,

gruffly takes my hand, tells me to pray. This modern-day gypsy
asks me to trust her, to cut the cards and imagine a future
she has spun. Painted nails click as our planet orbits

the universe, indifferent to Pisces’ constellations. A tiny star
among other points, too vast for us to comprehend. 
We bend our necks in prayer,

invent worlds and stories to sustain us.
We look at a beaded curtain and are asked to see
the universe suspended on a shimmering string of light.