Thursday, July 17, 2014

Review of Muse

A review of Muse written by Angie Abdou for The Fernie Fix

"In Muse, Dawn Marie Kresan also examines poetic inspiration but through the figure of Elizabeth Siddal, wife and (tragic) muse of Dante Gabriel Rossetti. The feminist, revisionist approach of this collection is hinted at by the opening quotation of Robert Graves: "Woman is muse or she is nothing." Though Siddal was a poet in her own right, she has gone down in (patriarchal) history primarily as the inspiration for her husband's paintings. In the poem "Viridescent," Kresan compares the way Siddal saw herself to the way her husband represented her: "He painted your gaze downcast/ claimed the right to control/ what your eyes gathered in. / Yet, in this, your only self-portrait, / you stare back – those / large, sad eyes, confronting." Kresan admires Siddal's defiance, her strength. Through poems, Kresan re-remembers this marginalized woman and puts Siddal in the center of her own life. This is tremendously moving poetry, and Muse is an impressive debut."

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