Saturday, July 19, 2014

DK Logo

It is funny how sometimes we forget to do things for ourselves that we tell other people are essential. I've been designing logos for clients for quite a few years now, but I never seemed to have the time to do one for myself. I guess because of Palimpsest, it seemed unnecessary. But now that I have struck out on my own and am trying to do more freelance work, it became necessary.

So I played with the idea of creating a DMK logo, but when I googled those letters with the word "logo" I found out a men's underwear company had a DMK logo already sewn into all their dick slings. I could still create my own DMK logo, but I thought if potential clients where searching my initials, the images that came up might not appear very professional. In any case, I decided to go with DK. There are lots of DK logos out there already, so I had to make sure mine was different and accurately portrayed my graphic design business. I wanted something modern and sophisticated, and something that alludes to the fact that I specialize in typography and book design.

The end result was linking the two letters together so that the ascenders created a space in the middle. This space now resembles a book spine, or potentially three book spines on a shelf. It is also suggestive of kerning. Very happy with the end result!