Thursday, February 13, 2014

Ariel Gordon: Poet most Googled by Perverts

Ariel makes me laugh. I don't always meet my authors in person, but I met Ariel twice. Once at Sage Hill when we were, by coincidence, both attending poetry workshops and then at her book launch in Winnipeg that coincided with the LPG sales conference. I remember when we said goodbye she picked me right off the ground and swung me around, murmuring something about breaking me. But Ariel is like that. Funny, sometimes brash, other times feisty, but always authentic. I had picked her manuscript out of the slush pile in 2006 and published her chapbook in 2008, then a trade collection in 2010, and her second collection is coming out this spring. I had never heard of Ariel Gordon all those years ago, and I'm thrilled of any role I have played in bringing her poetry to a larger audience. But I have no doubt this would have happened regardless. She is a force. Mostly, our correspondence is through email, but even through this limited medium I sense her drive. So keep doing what you are doing Ariel Gordon, and be proud to be the poet-most-googled-by-perverts. There are many more tit poems and hump poems in your future. An ode to the penis perhaps?

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"So...I know that I once joked, while touring Hump, that I was the poet-most-Googled-by-perverts. (It was because I'd posted an early draft of my "Tit Poem" here to the blog and, surprisingly, there's a global need for poems about boobies.) But even so, I wasn't completely prepared for the headline of this Uniter article. But the funny thing is...I'm not mad."