Sunday, February 3, 2013

On Canadian Poetries blog

Three of my poems from my upcoming collection, Muse (Tightrope 2013), were featured on Canadian Poetries.

The link:

One of the poems is found below.

Elizabeth Responds to Christina’s Goblin Market

Christina, let me tell you plainly
goblin men don’t hide in dusty alleyways
selling orchard fruits, sun-kissed and forbidden.
They are the men you know and love. Artists
with a lustful curiosity for lower class girls,
their interest beyond the mere play of light
on bare shoulders. They do not offer
plum peaches and rare pears, but gifts
of furs, dresses of magenta silk,
crowns of profuse delicate buds.

They offer beauty and velvet textures never before felt,
paints of swirling sapphires, glittering emeralds
and ambers. What gray-stone girl could say no
to such intense colour?
You think sisterly love saves all, but what do you know,
sitting with your nuns? You, jilted by a false suitor,
thinking yourself above other women, alone
with your god. Reserved and pious, a dried rose
shut in the pages of a book.
Your brother saved me from austerity. Brought me
into his world of colour, taught me the beauty
of pure pigment, the vibrancy of blue.
Now he is leaving. Goes dancing with other women,
brings them to his studio to paint their faces,
adoring him. I no longer inspire him, he no longer
offers me colour. Do you feel
any compassion for me, sister?
You, who reject me as your brother’s wife,
dismiss me as a butcher’s daughter.