Monday, July 2, 2012

Darryl Whetter's Privileged Young Men Who Hate Creativity


why take The Creative Process
(crwr 2000: full year)
if they despise art, literature,
thought and hard work

yuksters in dialled baseball caps
with their tsn, bright sneakers and cheap
pens twirled over stubby fingers.
an aversion to cunnilingus so total
they don’t even notice
Saturday night Jenn rolling her pelvis up,
her ribs, breasts, shoulders
and expectations back

frat boys and date rapists,
hockey fans in designer jeans
paid for by distant parents
who call their slim
and feature-rich cell phones
to be grunted at,
whined to,

as campuses approach
their 2:1 ratio of women to men
the Karens and Rachels seek
permit and enable
these replay barbarians
and future fathers,
tugging off his team T-shirt
before undoing her own
fresh lace

From Darryl Whetter’s Origins
Palimpsest Press 2012
Trade paperback $18
ISBN 978-1-926794-10-5