Monday, May 7, 2012

Arnot McCallum's Eanie Meanie Hate Zucchini


Large dogs,
Fat dogs,
Happy, floppy, matt dogs
Rough, tough, guard dogs
These are just a few.
Silly dogs,
Frilly dogs,
Pretty, willy nilly dogs
Furry, skinny, house dogs
Loyal, friendly too.
Sled dogs,
Red dogs,
Don't forget unfed dogs.
Super dogs,
Snooper dogs,
Dogs are lots of fun.
The dog I love best
Above all the rest
Is a juicy Hot Dog
On a bun.

From Arnot McCallum’s Eanie Meanie Hate Zucchini
Illustrated by Charles Checketts
Palimpsest Press 2009
Trade paperback, 10 x 8, 32 pages
ISBN 978-0-9784917-5-8