Friday, February 24, 2012

Reprint: Writer Interview with Ariel Gordon

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What are your favourite things about where you live?
That it’s frumpy and grumpy and faded-at-the-knees (i.e. that we’re NOT a boom town). Which means that Winnipeg’s cost of living is reasonable and that there is an active arts communities in every discipline. There’s also this practical, get-it-on-sale-if-you-can mentality to temper the flights of arty fancy. I like that Winnipeg is a medium-sized city that feels, sometimes, like a gossipy village. Beyond that, that we have supportive arts councils.

What’s on your plate for the next year?  Any new developments and exciting events?
After nearly two years promoting Hump and then How to Prepare for Flooding, I’m so goddamn relieved to not have anything on my plate over the next year except writing. Specifically, I’m working on a manuscript of poems around/about Thomas Alva Edison, the American inventor (whose parents were Canadian, incidentally…). I’m also fleshing out the how-to poems in How to Prepare for Flooding on the side. And also writing one-offs, like the ones you’re tarting up this month…