Friday, April 15, 2011


Palimpsest Press has previously published two picture books, The Naming Book of Rascally Rhymes and Eanie Meanie Hate Zucchini. We intend to continue publishing picture books while expanding into juvenile and young adult fiction with our new imprint Magpie Books.

The first book to be published under the Magpie imprint will be a picture book entitled Oscar, written by Jordan Troutt and Sarah Preston. Oscar is a curious cat who must travel to the moon in order to get milk. In anapestic rhyming couplets, the narrative is fun, lively, and easy enough for young children to follow along. The second book is The Haunting of Amos Manor by Richard Stevenson. “An Old House With Possibilities,” the Real Estate advertisement had read, meaning, one supposed, a fixer-upper. For the Waldmans that would be half the pleasure... except that things start to go wrong from the moment they move in. Karen is having strange dreams and someone keeps moving things. Then there is the strange crow that keeps appearing and disappearing. Do ghosts really exist? Fourteen-year-old Mark Waldman is determined to find out. Join Mark as he solicits the help of his family, and, yes, even the assistance of his nerdy sister, in uncovering the mystery. Some things never die or stay hidden for long.

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