Friday, February 25, 2011

Elisabeth Harvor reviewed in Arc

I love the name of this review — "Sleepless nights and botched love affairs you do want to read about." The review is written by Peter Richardson and can be found in its entirety at

Here is a sampling:

"An Open Door in the Landscape, Elisabeth Harvor’s follow up to The Long Cold Green Evenings of Spring (1997), holds itself to the same standards she set with her award-winning debut, Fortress of Chairs (1992). Her new book demonstrates the virtues of waiting—and this writer has waited—for a group of robust narratives..."

"I was gobsmacked by this book. Few poets chronicle sleeping disorders, bouts of paranoia and fears of romantic ruin with as acute an ear for phrasing, or as sharp an eye for emotional atmospherics. Harvor makes sleepless nights, mistrusted building superintendants and botched love affairs eminently worth revisiting."