Monday, January 10, 2011

Magpie Logo Design

Magpie Books is a children’s books imprint. Since I am the publisher I know who my market is and as a designer I know what works graphically. For the logo I wanted something that would appeal to children while not looking overly childish. As an imprint of Palimpsest, the logo had to express design excellence since Palimpsest takes that as part of its mandate.

In the logo the Magpie is seen flying, as part of the marketing strategy uses the tag line “Let imagine take flight.” The Magpie is known for its beautiful blue and white wings and so these characteristic colours have been added. The tail end of the bird has been rounded so the logo will easily fit on the spine of a book without distortion.

For the logotype I used a kid-friendly font that had enough weight that it looks good while tucked beside the wing. There is a lot of versatility in how this mark and type can be used, either singularly or together.