Wednesday, October 20, 2010


This is a picture frame I bought at a yard sale. I painted the frame black, installed tiles and wire for hanging cards on. There is so much negativity in my business at the moment, having seminars called "The Death of the Book", that I have created this small yet beautiful gallery of inspirations and gratitude. I also occasionally receive what can only be called hate mail, and these notes of thanks remind me that what I do matters. It restores my heart.

A window frame reclaimed from my husband's office. It received (not so much a restoration) but a good cleaning. I like the, um, rustic feel of it. I plan on hanging it from chains in my letterpress studio and placing wooden type on the dividers.

This, oddly enough, is a file cabinet. It looks a bit like an apothecary cabinet but is actually a horizontal filing system. I've never seen one before and it is quite impractical as the drawers have to be completely removed to take any files out. But I think it is beautiful and will use it anyway. Practical is as boring as Mary Jane flats.