Sunday, October 10, 2010

Rascally Rhymes softcover

The Naming Book of Rascally Rhymes gently pokes fun at the foibles of children, and the playful, lively rhymes are written in a way that appeals at different levels to both parents and children. Here you will find Abigail who has a face “that’s as sweet as an angel, but when she sings her song, it turns strangely bestial” and Ian who “ate worms and toads and rocks a la mode.” Quill and Quire, the Canadian publishing industry magazine states that Preston’s “vivid illustrations are well-suited to the book’s playful nature… It’s a book children will want to look at after you’re done reading.”

“Jordan Troutt has penned a witty and re-readable book of deadpan rhymes… With silly wit that’s a hairsbreadth from nonsense, Troutt seems to channel the spirit of Lewis Carroll … Sarah Preston-Bloor’s whimsical illustrations are an ideal complement to the verses, colourfully depicting wide-eyed little darlings in a variety of misadventures. This is the kind of book you’ll thumb through for a giggle even when the kids aren’t around.”
— Our Children Magazine

“Troutt perfectly blends an upper level alphabet book with rhymes to produce a humorous selection of poetry. The illustrations are expressive and go hand-in-hand with the poems. This collection of rhymes is very entertaining and full of silly fun, making it great for storytelling.”
— Resource Links
Paperback now available now for $10.50.