Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Poetry in Transit

Kate Braid's poem The Beauty of Men, from Turning Left to the Ladies, has been selected to be involved in British Columbia's poetry in transit program. Congratulations Kate! She will be reading at the poetry tent during the Word on the Street Festival, September 26th at 2:00pm. Here is the poem:

It is not violence but muscle –the force to do –
curled and bent and burning

They deny it. Hide it. Rip it out
with hammers and knives and guns, even crosses
if they have to.

These are the signs of the beauty of men:
set jaw, the shimmer of muscle
eager to lift beyond any limit, lost

in the wild pleasure of motion. They will move the world
with their own two hands, force it if they have to, doing
what mere thought didn’t know had to be done.

— Kate Braid