Monday, December 1, 2008

Found Poems

The lines used in the first poem have been excerpted from Brown’s record of a visit to the Rossetti studio, dated October 1854. Although the words, and ordering of them, are unchanged, I have chopped the prose text into short lines. The lines in the second poem are excerpted from Rossetti’s letters. The word order remains the same, but I have again broken the prose into shorter lines.

Found Poem — Ford Madox Brown

Everyday she is thinner
& more deathlike
& more beautiful
& more ragged

than ever,
a real artist.

Found Poem – Dante Gabriel Rossetti

I look at her sometimes, working or too ill
to work, think how many without her genius
or greatness of spirit have granted them abundant
health, while perhaps her soul is never to bloom
nor her bright hair to fade…
All she might have been must sink
in that dark house.