Sunday, November 2, 2008

Who are the rascals?

Essex County native Jordan D. Troutt has published his first book of children's poetry. The Naming Book of Rascally Rhymes is an alphabetically ordered list of names with whimsical descriptions of each child. Each poem is clever — sometimes satiric, sometimes sweet — and always a delight to read. Influenced by Shel Silverstein, Troutt’s characterizations of children are humorous and irreverent. Troutt’s rascals are eccentric, silly, mischievous, tough, moody, but also sweet, talented, funny and imaginative. Here is the list of rascals:

A is for Abigail
B is for Billy
C is for Caleb
D is for Dylan
E is for Ethan
F is for Frieda
G is for Gillian
H is for Hunter
I is for Ian
J is for Justin
K is for Kalvin
L is for Lisa
M is for Meghan
N is for Ned
O is for Olive
P is for Patricia
Q is for Quinn
R is for Rita
S is for Sara
T is for Theodore
U is for Ursula
V is for Veronica
W is for Winona
X is for Xavier
Y is for Yolanda
Z is for Zach