Thursday, October 2, 2008

Shawna Lemay's Calm Things

Palimpsest Press' first book of non-fiction, Shawna Lemay's Calm Things, is now available.

Calm Things
The term still life did not come into being until 1650. The French adopted the term nature morte, dead nature, around 1750. The painter de Chirico was said to have preferred the Italian term vita silente. The Japanese, however, call still life, calm things. Calm Things is the title essay of this collection of meditations on what it is like to live with still life, and to live poetically. Both an insider’s glimpse into the precarious world of artist and poet, and a long gaze at objects and the calm and silence they hold, these essays prize the ordinary, radiant gift of common things.

Shawna Lemay Book Launch
Tuesday October 23rd/ 08 from 7-9 pm
Audrey’s Bookstore, 10702 Jasper Ave, Edmonton, AB
Phone: 780-423-3487

Robert Lemay Art Exhibition
Thursday October 30th/ 08 from 5-7 pm
Douglas Udell Gallery
10332-124 Street, Edmonton, AB
Phone: 780-488-4445