Friday, June 20, 2008

Book Expo

I attended Book Expo in Toronto for the first time this June. Although I was later told attendance was down, I had nothing to compare it to and I loved it. Where else does a publisher have face-to-face access to thousands of potential book buyers? And the strawberries! The booth across from us set up tables covered in white linen, with champagne towers made of thin delicate glasses. And did I mention the strawberries — the juiciest plump strawberries I think I ever tasted. And then there was the chocolate treats wrapped in logo printed foil, or the popcorn bags with the press' name boldly printed on the front in bright red. Such creativity! It's a pity this will in all likelihood be the first and last time I attend. There is already talk of canceling the Expo, and even if they don't it is unlikely the LPG will buy a group booth next year.