Sunday, June 10, 2007

I’m trying to meditate on Buddha’s principle of non-attachment, but just keep thinking about how cool my new hybrid car is

When it comes to hybrid cars, there are many noble reasons to incur the initial extra cost. The most virtuous being that it is a non-polluting environmentally responsible choice. When our Saturn hybrid stops at a red light, the engine automatically turns off and then restarts when the car shifts gear. As a result, it produces fewer emissions, idles less and gives better mileage.

There are also less than noble reasons to buy a hybrid:

1. Although the out-of-pocket expense is higher, fuel economy, lower insurance rates, and tax incentives will save me money in the long run.

2. Some stores like IKEA are putting green parking spots near the entrance that can only be used with hybrid cars, which means I don’t have to park at the back of the lot when it is raining.

3. I find it entertaining to watch confused pedestrians when I am stopped at a red light or stop sign. The car makes no noise and appears not to be running, and they hesitate before walking out in front of me, sure to catch my eye, as if to say “are you going or not?”

4. I enjoy watching the eco light on the dashboard light up, and will change my speed accordingly just to see it come on. A small pleasure, but a pleasure none-the-less.

5. The Canadian government is thinking about making an Eco-license plate for hybrids that is coloured green, which would give the owner incentives like passing in the car-pool lane with only one driver.

There is one small problem though. The Unites States government is thinking of making a mandatory license plate for all convicted pedophiles. The colour they chose — green. I would not want to go over the border with a green plate! I am imagining us stopping at a restaurant for breakfast. Some thugs will notice the license plate, walk in and see my dark-haired husband eating blueberry waffles with our very cute, blonde daughter. While I am in the bathroom drying my hands, they’ll drag him out to the parking lot and beat the crap out of him.

A downside to a hybrid car, for sure.