Monday, December 18, 2006

Letter from the publisher

After my daughter was born in 2004, I took some time off from publishing trade books to figure out where all this was heading. I needed to renew my enthusiasm and did so by taking some courses on letterpress printing and bookbinding. Over the last couple of years I have continued to publish chapbooks and now in 2007, my plans are more ambitious than ever. I will be publishing two trade poetry books, one by Diane Tucker and the other by Andrea MacPherson. I will also be publishing two chapbooks. Hand-made books give a creative publisher the widest conceptual play. The book becomes the art, not merely the structure that houses it. High-quality papers and workmanship make these books well worth the additional cost.

For those of you who are interested in collecting limited editions, or simply enjoy buying books that are beautiful and unique, Palimpsest Press now offers a subscriber service for those who want to ensure a copy of all chapbook titles. The first of these, published in 2005, was Marty Gervais' Taking My Blood. This book combines poetry and photography, as well as incorporating letterpress, transparencies and fold-out leaves into the design. In 2006, Steven Heighton’s Paper Lanterns: 25 Postcards from Asia was published. This chapbook uses traditional Asian bookbinding techniques, and was designed to look like a travel journal with an envelope cover and postcards within. The “postcards” were made using images supplied by Mary Huggard, who took the photographs while the couple was in Asia. Aidan Thompson’s So Earnest to Have a Green Point was also published in 2006. In this chapbook, Thompson creates a theoretical dialogue between early-twentieth century poets and visual artists. Thompson responds to the artwork itself, as well as engaging with the ideas common to both writers and visual artists. In 2007, I am publishing limited edition chapbooks by Valerie Stetson and Christian Bok.

As one can imagine, the costs of this type of endeavor cannot be recuperated through sales alone. To offset some of the costs for this expensive “calling” I have begun to sell design and bookbinding services. Sometime in the upcoming year I intend to diversity into letterpress invitations. Please email with any inquiries.