Sunday, September 24, 2006

So Earnest a Green Point

Palimpsest Press is pleased to announce the release of Aidan Thompson’s So Earnest a Green Point, which creates a theoretical dialogue between early-twentieth century poets and visual artists. Aidan responds to the artwork as well as engaging in ideas common to both writers and visual artists. What is a "true" depiction? Can words or shapes name things in the world? Is a poem or painting a reflection of an experience or an event in and of itself?

Aidan’s poetry contains many geometric images, so I took that element and included it in the design. On the cover is a circular cut out that reveals the title, and inside are two more geometric cutouts that both reveal and conceal the text behind. This structures what the reader is able to see and read. Readers must turn the page to view more of the text, and must open the cover completely to see the entire circle. The reader’s experience of the text, then, is processed through the structure and design of the book. I thought this fitting for a text that concerns itself with the visual.