Sunday, September 10, 2006


Go to and find out what Google thinks of you or your friends. Just type in your name and find out your googlism. It is like a found poem.

Googlism for Dawn:

dawn is right for me?
dawn is effective and
dawn is coming the charm of
dawn is a network of women scholars and activists who are working
dawn is breaking
dawn is back because 'the price is right'
dawn is £7
dawn is always
dawn is upon us
dawn is a friend of the muses
dawn is canceled and why
dawn is bright'ning
dawn is thoughts of a rural woman by rebecca brown
dawn is my favorite new book
dawn is pregnant
dawn is not shy
dawn is nigh
dawn is available for freelance
dawn is colored with first
dawn is helping a small child
dawn is coming
dawn is in the
dawn is so sweet"
dawn is your
dawn is a feeling
dawn is waking
dawn is releasing special broadcast and print ads that focus on the cleanup of aquatic birds that have been affected by oil spills
dawn is an acronym for "disciplining a whole nation"
dawn is a journal devoted to publishing ideas and information that is dangerous
dawn is followed by night western donors amid the chaos of haiti dawn is coming the charm of regional cuisine
dawn is sprinkling in the east
dawn is brightening
dawn is the closest villa to cane bay beach
dawn is an exquisite luxury vacation / holiday home located just steps away from a spectacular sandy beach on the lush north shore
dawn is one of the few women's organizations that has followed
dawn is slowly breaking
dawn is awaking
dawn is stealing
dawn is a non
dawn is filled with dreams so many dreams
dawn is rising
dawn is a feeling" dawn is a feeling a beautiful ceiling the smell of grass just makes you pass into a dream you're here today no
dawn is first in the caste book series for exalted books detailing the castes of the solar exalted
dawn is always posting
dawn is a time of hope and gratitude for another day
dawn is the time
dawn is
dawn is a graduate of southern illinois university at edwardsville
dawn is designed
dawn is a massive undertaking
dawn is a biblical and mission
dawn is nigh' size
dawn is helping small child while another one is coming for a hug
dawn is suffering from the riley factor
dawn is in the library
dawn is so sweet
dawn is a feeling a beautiful ceiling the smell of grass just makes you pass into a dream you're here today no future
dawn is a quarterly journal
dawn is a supremely geeky outcast and the victim of an endless stream of attacks
dawn is breaking now
dawn is a system of magic that was developed in the late 1800's
dawn is able to mold your precious pooch into a work of art
dawn is not a popular girl
dawn is waking melody
dawn is always happy to autograph books
dawn is a feeling lyric
dawn is her petite size compared to other fashion dolls
dawn is breaking a new awakening from a day in which the world cried a day when the assurance of security died through tears of sadness America torn
dawn is Buffy's younger sister or is she?
dawn is at hand
dawn is just back online this week
dawn is normally terminated with 19 conductors per channel
dawn is to the recording
dawn is a little piece of gold that offers wealth and talent to be heard