Monday, October 27, 2014

Toronto Reading

I will be reading at Another Story Bookshop
Wednesday October 29th @ 7:00 pm.
Ariel Gordon, Patricia Young, Jim Johnstone, and Dawn Kresan
315 Roncesvalles Ave. Toronto, Ontario.

Excited to be reading with friends, and listening to them read from work that I have helped bring into being (in my small way). Also fun to go back to the bustling city of Toronto, if only for a short time!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Bookfest Windsor 2014

Palimpsest Press will be bringing Ariel Gordon to Ontario for BookFest Windsor. Ariel is the author of two collections of poetry, Hump and Stowaways, both released by Palimpsest. Stowaways was released this spring to great acclaim and was on the McNally Robinson bestseller list for two consecutive weeks following her successful launch in Winnipeg. Ariel has been a guest blogger for the National Post and will be featured on the 49th Shelf’s upcoming installment. Ariel will be in Ontario on a cross-province tour, starting in Windsor, then onward to Waterloo, Kitchener, Toronto, and Kingston. She'll be reading October 23th 7pm at the Capitol Theatre, along with Rosalind Knight, Mary Ann Mulhern, Chris Turner, and Susan Holbrook. After the readings, there will be a panel discussion on publishing.

Link to Bookfest Windsor:

While staying with me in Kingsville, I'm going to bring the famous mushroom lover to Point Pelee. Looking forward to her stay.

Link to her blog:

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Palimpsest October Readings

For more information, go to the Palimpsest website and click on the author's name. It will bring you to a page with details about each reading.

Anita Lahey
October 25, 2014. Words Worth Books, Waterloo, ON.

Ariel Gordon
October 2, 2014. Salt Spring Island Library. Salt Spring Island, BC.
October 3, 2014. Planet Earth Poetry. Victoria, BC.
October 7, 2014. Russell Books. Victoria, BC.
October 23, 2014. Bookfest Windsor. Windsor, ON.
October 25, 2014. Words Worth Books. Waterloo, ON.
October 28 2014. Art Bar Reading Series. Toronto, ON.
October 29, 2014. Another Story Bookshop. Toronto, ON.
October 30, 2014. Novel Idea Bookstore. Kingston, ON.

Blair Trewartha
October 23, 2014. Livewords Reading Series. Toronto, ON.

Jeffery Donaldson
October 13, 2014. Live Words Reading Series. Toronto, ON.  
October 21, 2014. Brian Prince Booksellers. Hamilton, ON.

Kate Braid
October 1, 2014. Wood and Words Book Tour. Vancouver, BC.

Patricia Young
October 3, 2014. Planet Earth Poetry. Victoria, BC.
October 21-26, 2014. Vancouver Writers Fest. Vancouver, BC.
October 28, 2014. Art Bar Reading Series. Toronto, ON.
October 29, 2014. Another Story Bookshop. Toronto, ON.
October 30, 2014. Novel Idea Bookstore. Kingston, ON.

Yvonne Blomer
October 2, 2014. Salt Spring Island Library. Salt Spring Island, BC.
October 3, 2014. Planet Earth Poetry. Victoria BC.
October 17-19, 2014. Whistler Writers Festival. Whistler, BC.
October 28 , 2014. The Vault Café. Nanaimo, BC.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Biblioasis' 10th Anniversary

Dan Wells has been my friend since before he was a publisher, when he owned that other bookstore by the same name in downtown Windsor amongst the bars and massage parlors. It is quite astonishing to me what Dan has done with his press in such a short time. As someone who has insider knowledge of the publishing world—its many challenges and disappointments—I am in awe of what Dan has accomplished. He has an exceptional ability to select fiction with both literary merit and marketability, and balances a list that fearlessly straddles both these domains. Awards and accolades aside, he is a charming fellow and his press deserves all the praise it has gotten. The life of a publisher is a constant struggle to stay relevant, a battle over shelf space, a competition over authors, and what, at times, seems like a bar brawl over grant money with friends jumping in to defend or counter-attack. So who could blame him for being a bit of an Eeyore at times. I've listened to him when he's cynical or glum, but like all great publishers there is always something that draws him back in—an author, manuscript, idea. Dan Wells is one of those forward thinkers—a clever and innovative dreamer in a perilous industry that demands so much.

I will be there for the 10th anniversary of Biblioasis to toast him. Better get the good scotch out! Friday September 26th, Capitol Theatre, 7pm.

Dan and I many years ago, when G was a baby and he had only two kids! We were probably talking books.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Scattered Ecstasies at the Sho Gallery

What a thrill it was to see the art and listen to the performers at the Sho Gallery. There was a range of work—emotional, thoughtful, political, satiric—and the actors were inspired! I really enjoyed the inclusion of musicians, who created an original score just for the event. It was a unique collaboration between poets, visual artists, actors, and musicians. So much fun! Thank you Barry Brodie for organizing such a wonderful event. The Sho Gallery was a great venue and the community turn out was terrific.

My poem "Tarot Cards" from my collection Muse was chosen by Lupita Amaya to paint, and was  performed by Bob Steele.

Tarot Reading

I stare at the cards: pointed arrows piercing flesh,
a woman hung upside down in a noose, knot drawn tight.
There is talk of a family curse passed down from my mother. 

I have inherited a tragic fate, must walk a dark wooded terrain.
But not all is lost. I can be saved for fifty dollars more.
Her gypsy face obscured by a beaded curtain,

shining crystal balls dangling like so many planets.  
Still dressed in a robe, although two in the afternoon, she asks
if I mind that she smokes. I do, but say nothing.

Jesus presides over the reading, his arms outstretched. 
She pats the head of her ceramic god like a good luck charm,
reaches for me from behind cascading beads,

gruffly takes my hand, tells me to pray. This modern-day gypsy
asks me to trust her, to cut the cards and imagine a future
she has spun. Painted nails click as our planet orbits

the universe, indifferent to Pisces’ constellations. A tiny star
among other points, too vast for us to comprehend. 
We bend our necks in prayer,

invent worlds and stories to sustain us.
We look at a beaded curtain and are asked to see
the universe suspended on a shimmering string of light.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Scattered Ecstasies 2014

The Sho Gallery in Windsor is putting on an exhibit of ekphrastic paintings (art that interprets poetry). The poets and artists are all local, as well as the actors who will be performing the poems. My poem "Tarot Cards" from my collection Muse was chosen by Lupita Amaya to paint, and will be performed by Bob Steele. I am very excited to see and hear the results.

Friday Sept 20 and Sat Sept 21
Performances at 8pm. Tickets $20

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Think Local Logo

I am proud of the thinkLOCAL logo I created for Leamington Stands Strong. You can find a comprehensive list of local products at

The mission of this organization is:

—Encouraging the community to buy local products and support local businesses;
—Building an online hub where everyone can discover locally made Windsor-Essex and Chatham-Kent products;
—Expanding a network for local enterprising ideas and initiatives;
—Promoting the Leamington Stands Strong message.

The group wanted a logo that reflected the original Leamington Stands Strong logo, so I reused the shield and a strong red colour.